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Ten Simple Things YOU Can Do To Make A Difference

1. JOIN. Become a member of PFLAG and join with hundreds of thousands of caring and committed people from all walks of life, including those with GLBT loved ones (plus GLBT people too!) and straight allies who just want to see EQUAL civil rights for everyone, all working together to end discrimination against GLBT individuals, couples, and families.

2. TEACH. If you are a parent, teach your children that being gay, lesbian, or bisexual is simply another means of expressing love. Teach them that being transgender is simply an effort to match up someone's "outsides" with what they truly are "inside".

3. CONFIRM. If one of your family members is GLBT (or "questioning"), be sure to let them know that you love them just the way they are. You may think they know -- but do they?

4. REFRAIN. Don't tell anti-GLBT jokes. If you do, you'll help perpetuate the stereotypes about GLBT individuals.

5. READ. Read our PFLAG literature and find out more about what it is really like to be a GLBT individual in our society.

6. BE 'OUT'. This applies to straight people just as much as to GLBT people. Be open with others about having GLBT friends or family members (or being GLBT). Secrecy breeds shame.

7. CONFRONT. If you overhear someone making an anti-GLBT comment, let them know (in a pleasant, friendly manner) that you don't agree or approve. (only if you feel physically safe doing so)

8. COMMUNICATE. Contact local, state, or federal representatives to protest any anti-GLBT bills or legislation as you become aware of it, or to support GLBT-positive bills or legislation. It's important that they hear from you either way!

9. BE HONEST. Encourage open and honest discussion of GLBT issues in your home, workplace and church (yes, church!).

10. TAKE A STAND. Stand with those who believe that discrimination against anyone is a crime against humanity -- TAKE A STAND WITH PFLAG!

Advocacy is a strong part of PFLAG's mission to move equality forward
and your voice is critical to influence legislation on the state and federal level. Use the tools here to learn about how you can speak up.

Sign the Straight for Equality Pledge


Advocating for EQUAL civil rights . . .

. . . for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) loved ones is a key component of our PFLAG mission. We must all continue to educate and advocate within our local community, outwardly to the rest of our state, and with our local, state, and federal representatives about the issues which adversely impact our GLBT loved ones. We must do so to help create a society that goes beyond mere tolerance and acceptance to
a nation where the God-given diversity that exists among us all is recognized, embraced, and celebrated. Unfortunately, there is much work left to be accomplished in this area. You can most certainly help us in these efforts -- and you don't even have to be a PFLAG member to do so!